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Danish Organic Trade Association

The Danish Organic Trade Association was founded 3rd of September 1998. The association was organizing a great part of the most important companies working with organic food manufacturing and trading in Denmark. Most importers and exporters of organic food were members.

Among the founders were general manager Lisbeth Damsgaard (Urtekram), general manager Karsten Deibjerg Kristensen (Friland), baker Jørgen Ussing Larsen (Bakery Aurion), general manager Niels Ebbe (Solhjulet), master brewer Peter Klemensen (Thisted Brewery) and manager Jørgen Nielsen (Unikost).

In January 2000 the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries admitted the Danish Organic Trade Association as a full member of the Organic Food Council being consulted when new legislations and governmental initiatives are taken.

In 2002 the association was part of a reconstruction of the organizations of in the Danish organic food and agricultural sector and it is now part of the National Organic Association (Økologisk Landscenter). The former chairman of the trade association Lisbeth Damsgaard is now member of the board of this organization. For contact to Økologisk Landscenter call (45) 87 32 27 00

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