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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
EcoWeb Denmark


Control of Carrot Flies. P3; 6

Andersen, M.K. & Nemming, A.

Smedevej 9, DK-3320 Skævinge, Denmark.

Investigation on control of the carrot fly was made. Trails were placed at an organic farm. Nantes Fancy was sown in April and harvested in the middel of October. First flight period lasted from 3/6 until 28/6 while start of second flight was registered on the 24/7 continuing until 18/9. Spun polyester cover and cover of chopped up straw were tested. The trails were made up as paired comparisons. Unattacked roots and total number of mines were told in 16 roots taken at random from each sample. Spun polyester cover reduced number of mines 72.5% while 143.9% more uanattacked roots were found. Covering by straw reduced number of mines 39.5% and increased unattacked roots 56.6%.

Andersen, M. K. (1990): Værn mod Gulerodsfluen, Psila Rosae. Mulige tiltag uden brug af insekticider. I. litteratur del and II. praktisk del. Hovedopgave, Institut for økologi og molekylær biologi. Sektion for zoologi. The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural Universitet, Copenhagen, 94 pp.