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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
EcoWeb Denmark


Asia Pacific Natural Agricultural Network (APNAN). P2; 26

Higa, T. ; Okubo, H. ; Shintani, M. & Sangakkara, U. R.

Kularb Apartment, 29 Phaholyothin Road Soi 14, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

The Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network (APNAN) was founded in 1989, after a international conference on Kyusei Nature Farming held in Thailand. The network, was formed with a membership of 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region, and a mandate to test the scientific merits of the technology of Effective Microorganisms. From humble beginnings, the network has progressed to one with 17 countries over this short period of time, with more joining in by the turn of the century. The activities of the network encompass research, development, extension, training and dissemination of information. Collaborative agreements with some countries have led to major development programs within the framework of the network. The success achieved to date is also seen with the close liaison the network has with IFOAM, especially its Asian division. The presentation will highlight the activities over time, and success achieved, with causal factors for establishing this network as a successful venture in the Asia Pacific region.