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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Common bunt (Tilletia tritici): Regulation of in organic farming W11

Borgen, Anders; Kristensen, Lars; Kølster, Per;

Agroecology, Royal Veterinary- and Agricultural University, DK-2630 Tåstrup, Denmark

Common bunt (coursed by Tilletia tritici) has been a more frequent disease in Denmark and other european countries, since mercury for environmental reasons has been banned as seed treatment agent. In organic farming, where no seed treatment are normally used, the increasing pathogen pressure courses severe problems, especially by reducing the quality of the grain, and in some cases also yield. In order to overcome this problem, experiments has been established to screen different agents for their effect against Tilletia tritici. Experiments has mainly been established under field conditions at recommended sowing time in heavily infected material.
Tree years experiments in Denmark shows, that common bunt can be controlled by seed treatments accepted by the IFOAM or EU-standards for organic farming. Hot water treatment gave the best results, reducing the attack more than 99%. Seed treatments with mustard extracts or coating with milk powder also are effective reducing the attack 95%. In moderate infected winter wheat, reduction levels at 95% are adequate, but this is not sufficient in heavily infected seed lots. Treatments with 15 other agents, amongst are lime, urine, SBM (a commercial product), biological control and a number of plant extracts, reduced the attack, but are alone insufficient to use in commercial farming. Most methods effective against common bunt reduces the seed vigour and therefore also the risk of reduced fielde mergence and yield potential. Seed treatments with these methods are therefor not recommended, if not-infected seed lots are available. Research continues in the comming years.

Borgen,A; Kristensen,L; 1996: Stinkbrand må reguleres. (Common bunt must be controled (no english summery). Forskningsnytt om ekologisk landbruk iNorden. 2:9-11. NORSØK. ISSN 1400-8688.

Borgen, A.; L.Kristensen; P.Kølster 1995: Direkte bekæmpelse af hvedens stinkbrand uden brug af pesticider. (Direct treatments against common bunt without use of pesticides; english summery). 12. DanskePlanteværnskonference 12:147-158.