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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Apple Production: Manure and »Green Food« E10

Yi, X.1 ; Bai, Y.2 ; Lui, S.2 & Wang, X.2

1) China -EU Centre for Agricultural Technology, No. 55 Nongzhan Beilu,Beijing 100026; 2) Beijing Agricultural University, No. 2 Yuanminyuan West road, Beijing 100094

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Establishing the productive base of organic agriculture is pre-condition of »green food« production and the fertile soil with high content organic matter, abundant available nutrients, high activity of organisms as well as suitable physical condition for plant growing are requested for »greenfood« apple production. The aim of this research was comparing the effects of different apply manure trails on physical and chemical properties of soil and on apple qualities according to the productive practice of fruit cultural practices in North China. The experiment was conducted in Nankou farm of Beijing with eight yearly apple trees (species »fuji«). The fertilisers used in the experiments were: High temperature compost with reasonable rate of C/N and good living condition for organisms (composted with cattle dung and straw). Biological bacterial manure (manure with various micro-organisms). Waterlogged compost with local cattle dung. P, K complex fertiliser. N-chicken manure as additional manuring

The experiment lasted for 3 years and main results are follows: 1, The combined manuring of the high temperature compost and biological bacterial manure has optical effect on increasing of soil fertility, reducing of soil contamination and of ground water pollution. 2, The quality of humus in soil could be distinctly improved by the high temperature compost, it is advantageous to the improvement of physical and chemical properties of soil. 3, The content of heavy metal elements (Hg, Cd, Cr, Pb) in apple fruit produced from various manuring treatments are lower than the health standard values. 4, The fruit colour, index of fruit form and fruit cross diameter of apples from combined manuring of high temperature compost and biological bacterial manure are much better than values of state commodity target, and the simple weight as well as fruit hardness of these apples are also better than that from other manuring treatments.

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