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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Integrated farming system on community gardens in Cuba E5

Almanza, Luis A. Sánchez

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A holistic programme based on community gardens and small farmlet managed for the neighbours of Santa Fe Village located at West of Havana City. It is carried out with the purpose of achieving the self supplying of foodstuffs for the families involved.

The integrated systems in the farmlets and backyards of the houses are mainly based on: small pounds to develop agriculture, raising chickens and pigs, horticultural, root and tuber crops and recyckling of organic wastes by fertilizing the fish ponds, compost making and worm culture resulting in a system capable of supplying its fertilizer requirements, treatment of all the wastes and recycling or reutilization of all the byproducts in order to obtain sustainable yield of fish, livestock, crops and other agricultural products.

The systems are handled by two or three families and supply their requirements in vegetables and animal proteins (milk, meats and eggs). The surplus are sold in the local market or in the neighbourhood.

By means of the application of this system it was possible to increase the selfsupplying of foodstuffs to the families involved, as well as to improve the environment and the quality of life by consuming more nutritive, fresh and non-contaminated foods, as well as conserving the soil fertility and the organic wastes recycling.

It appears to be one of main business aim, is a result of changes in the society. Consistent quality and proven safety of aquacultured fish have also created an evident demand for fish products.